Menswear for all of us

There are so many beautifully constructed suit jackets waiting in the thrift stores I haunt, built from the inside with hand stitches and painstaking precision. And I wanna wear them. Lots of us want to wear them, preferably with their matching trousers.

But for many of us with, well, curvy parts, that’s just not possible. If the jacket fits, we’re missing about 10 inches in the waist; if the pants fit, we look like we’re wearing our Dad’s jacket.

It’s time for menswear to fit all of us.

So I have set out in the dorkiest-sounding quest ever: to sew better. I want to be a tailor. (Read here for more.)

I am determined to tailor racks and racks of trousers and jackets and suits–all I can find as I hunt for vintage pieces that nobody’s found yet, so that it can be true. There can be: menswear for all of us.