I’m Going to Have to Get Back Together with Pins.

imageI broke up with using pins some time shortly after teaching myself to sew, in like the early 90’s.

And after writing and writing about loving wonk–I have said in hard print that I think people’s fear of making mistakes is the thing that keeps them from trying. And I still believe that. I spent lots of time explaining to myself (and trying to help others see) why our creative lives are at one and the same time so crucial and so difficult to make important. I even wrote a book about it.

But now I have a new goal, and it’s not really about explaining anything to anybody. I’m going to try to make some things that require actual precision. This isn’t something I’ve attempted before.

I have tossed two vintage men’s suit jackets trying to convert them to vests–and I’m in the middle of trying to get the third to work. I have another waiting for me to tackle.

And this next time, the fourth, I’m going to try to actually do what the tailor told me to do: pin before you sew; sew before you cut. This is roughly exactly the opposite of the way I’ve ever made anything. I deconstruct, reconstruct, then pin and mess with the ugly corners for ages until I finish.

This undertaking will take patience. And I can’t believe I just actually had to fucking type that. Damn.

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