I Ruined Another Jacket. 

That makes three.

It happens. I mean–at least it happens to me. 

I tend to learn things by deconstruction. And so after disassembling, cutting in special ways, and then trying to reconstruct but having a brain bleed and too many weird tiny scraps left over instead, I am INCREMENTALLY  nearer to understanding how to mess w (and by mess with I mean Tailor in an Extreme Way) men’s suit jackets. 

Yes, Thank you. 

The saddest loss to me–beyond those bits of unbelievable fabrics that don’t even exist anymore:

The inside pockets. 

I hate to waste beautifully constructed inside pockets. I have always been bothered that women’s clothes don’t include those secret pockets. 

I am now an Inside Pocket Hoarder. 

And I think my next attempt might be on an ugly jacket.

But we all know that will be the one I nail. Geez. 

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