“You Got To Lose Da Tummy”

I visited my 91-yr old mentor today.

 I am trying on the suit pants I have tailored so far–in the tailor shop for my TEST. (“We got to see how you did!”) She is sitting at the sewing machine–she sort of peeks over the top of it when she talks to you.

I come out of the dressing room with the pants on.  She is looking at me up and down, well actually she is staring at my, um, zipper. The inseam is still low. I’ve got crotch bag basically. She is sort of squishing her face and shaking her head. 

“Too low still,” she says.

“I like it that way.”She looks at me completely flat-faced, hands still on the fabric she’s sewing, peers over the machine: “You want to look like a man.” It’s a question, but barely. 

“I don’t want to look like a man exactly, but I like men’s clothes.”

She keeps staring. Then she goes back to her seam. 

Her daughter and I are messing with the fit of the pants and she looks back up: “You gotta lose da tummy.”

“Mom! Don’t be so honest,” says the daughter.  (Aside to me she says: “she means that with your tummy you’ve got to wear the pants either high or low, but it’s okay because you want to wear them low.”)

“I’m kidding,” she says to me from behind the machine, still straight faced but completely twinkly. “She knows I’m kidding.” She says to the daughter. 

I am in the weirdest best heaven ever. 

And this All Body Shapes Get To Play is a big piece of what I love so far about menswear as I follow and read and generally sort of stand in the doorway of the community having fun with it (because, unbelievably, there is an actual community of people who love menswear…I never found a community of people when I just wore stuff from the gap, so this is a huge bonus.)

There is no “right” body. Just bodies having fun wearing slick clothes. 

Happy happy tailored trouser times. 

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