These days I am learning to be a tailor. I’ve got a vision to offer up vintage suits and jackets to all of us who want to wear them…all of us who they don’t currently fit worth a bean.

So I’m beginning that journey by sitting under the apprenticeship of a lovely 91-year old woman who has agreed to teach me. She also said to me on my second day there: “You were led here. You thought you came to sew. I talk to you about your soul.” So there’s that.

My big goal: menswear for all.

And I’m throwing myself at it. Stick around and read as I go if you want. 

If we haven’t met, here are the other places you can find me…

The other blog, the one about making things from reclaimed fabrics, the one where I declared that I wasn’t really made to deal with clothing: Wienerdog Tricks

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